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COVENANT RESTORATIONS, specializes in helping people through disasters that can disrupt your entire life.


We provide immediate response to any type of disaster to minimize damage and maximize recovery.


We realize that going through and recovering from a disaster can be difficult, emotional, stressful and sometimes a devastating experience. That's why we're committed to you to be here before, during and after any disaster.  


Water damage can do serious damage to your property and be potentially health endangering. It's important to call the professionals to let us assess your loss. 

A fire loss can be significant and recovering from it can take weeks to months. Contacting COVENANT will ensure you can get back home as quickly as possible.


Mold and microbial growth can cause serious issues. Most threats from mold are invisible to the untrained eye, but COVENANT is certified to clean your home.

Bio-hazard damages are difficult to deal with and dangerous to handle. COVENANT is trained and licensed to handle any disaster. 

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