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"In the end, it was a good thing that this disaster happened, because Covenant Restorations was there to help."

About us

Covenant Restorations provides inspection & restoration services for water, fire, mold, microbial, and storm related damage to properties. 

Our mission is "providing expertise & C.A.R.E. for people with property problems." 


We breakdown the acronym C.A.R.E. to mean that “C” is for Compassion.  We want to show compassion to you and those around you. We know going through a property loss of any size is a major ordeal, whether it’s your home, business, church, or other property. We’ve been there first as a client and now as restoration professionals. “A” is for Advocacy.  We want to support you with our knowledge, experience, expertise, and wisdom so that we work together to get the best outcome for you and us. We are your team, we’re on your side, and we’ll stand behind everything we do. “R” is for Restoration.  We want to help you restore your property by following industry standards and guidelines so that the job is done right the first time. As the most senior accredited restoration company in the state of Oklahoma, we really are the experts that the experts call when they need the job done right. “E” is Education. We work diligently to maintain the highest level of education and certification across the industry spectrum from possessing triple master level certifications, expert level knowledge, and decades of restoration and construction experience. 


We desire to be S.C.O.R.E.D. on our services & team by our expertise and C.A.R.E. 


S” is for Skilled.  Skilled is having the knowledge, ability, and training to perform tasks with excellence. “C” is for Compassionate.  Compassionate by conducting ourselves in a manner that shows concern and empathy.  “O” is for Organized.  Organized by having a plan, by being proactive and showing neatness in work. “R” is for Respectful.  Respectful by honoring people’s possessions, property, and time.  “E” is for Engaged.  Engaged by participating with focused attention and positive mindset. “D” is for Disciplined.  Disciplined is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Our core focus is "offering discernment and a voice of direction in the midst of damage." 

When we take our knowledge and add our experience, we can provide wisdom in disaster restoration situations.  When we apply wisdom at the right time the outcomes can seem genius.

Our niche is that we develop long term relationships with our customers. 

We establish trust with each other through clear communication & transparency.  Then we merge knowledge & expertise to provide a positive outcome.  We incorporate & follow current standards for the restoration industry to help make sure the job is done right.  We utilize latest technology for inspections, evaluations, documentation, and estimating.  We will become an advocate for the property owner to help make sure you get what you want and what your entitled too during and after a disaster. 

In fact, we want to work in such a way that at the end of the project you can look back and say, "it was a good thing to go through a disaster because Covenant Restorations was with you and for you."

Our Restoration Process










Our Quality Guarantee

We provide a warranty and our COVENANT Guarantee for all of our services.  We're in business to take care of people  and their problems so it's rare to find an issue we can't correct.  If we make a mistake, it's simple, we'll fix it. 

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