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Covenant Restorations' Storm Forum Information

Covenant Restoration's mission statement is to provide expertise and C.A.R.E. for people with property problems. C.A.R.E. stands for Compassion, Advocacy, Restoration, and Education. Hosting these forums is vital for empowering property owners with the knowledge they need to navigate the complexities that arise after a disaster. By providing education on critical topics such as mold illness, mold remediation, contractor fraud, and insurance claims, we aim to equip individuals with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions and protect their property and health.

Our forums are designed not to solicit business but to genuinely help and support the community. We believe that by sharing our expertise and fostering a deeper understanding of these important subjects, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by property problems. Our commitment to Compassion, Advocacy, Restoration, and Education drives us to prioritize the well-being and empowerment of property owners, ensuring they have the resources and confidence to overcome challenges and restore their homes.

Forums Covenant Restorations has held

2012 New Jersey Hurricane Sandy 

When Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, Covenant Restorations drove hundreds of miles to the disaster to respond to the need for restoration. Hurricane Sandy was one of many hurricanes, but it was one in which owner John Stowe led a storm forum to educate and instruct everyone on how to safely, properly, and restore their homes from this disaster.


Covenant Restorations traveled to the Tonkawa tribe after identifying multiple properties with intense mold damage and house hold threats against the tribe members. Upon getting to the tribe, Covenant hosted a forum to help the tribe member identify and recognize possible signs of mold in their home.

May 2019 Skiatook Flood

When Disaster struck Skiatook and left, the town flooded. Covenant hosted a forum to help people protect their property, personal belongings, and their health. This form went over mold 101, the basics of water remediation, and mold illness.

May 2019 Avant Flood

After flooding devastated the town of Avant, Covenant organized a forum to assist residents. We provided guidance on protecting their property, personal belongings, and health, covering essential topics like Mold 101, water remediation basics, and mold-related illnesses.

May 31st 2024 - Claremore Conference Center

The May 31st Claremore Conference Center occurred after the May tornado hit Claremore. John Stowe directed a 2-hour forum, educating individuals on job safety, how to recognize mold, mold remediation, risks of mold, contractor fraud, and insurance claim information, and answered questions the crowd asked. 

Full video available on Covenant Restorations Facebook page and soon on the Covenant Restorations Youtube.

June 9th 2024 - Claremore Eastern Hills Baptist Church

June 9th, Covenant led a second storm forum after a tornado left many in Claremore in crisis. The form was educational on topics such as Mold risk, Mold remediation, Contractor fraud, and insurance claim language, and I spent several hours interacting with the audience to help answer questions they had. 

Full video is available on the Covenant Restorations Facebook page and soon on the Covenant Restorations Youtube.

 Covenant Restorations Has a Dedication to Education

John Stowe, Owner of Covenant Restorations, is a passionate educator who uses his master-level certifications with the IICRC to teach as many people as possible. He is a dedicated leader, using any platform he is given to bring his years of education to the public. He has spent 20 years furthering his expertise as well as leading Covenant Restorations down the same path. Our team is certified by the IICRC, which furthers the certifications that the whole team has as a company. 

John Stowe has led forums for the general public, but he has also had specific teaching, training, and working alongside many other professionals. Covenant Restorations has had the opportunity to educate Plumbers, Painters, Flooring specialists, Roofers, Maintenance teams, General contractors, Electricians, HVAC technicians, Insurance adjusters, and Independent adjusters.

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